Featuring A Wide Variety & Style Video Spokepersons To Best Suit Your Business

3D Style Video Spokeperson Avatars

Fully Interactive 3D Talking Video Spokepersons 
Avatar Presenters for Your Website 

Walk on videos are still all the rage, a video spokesperson or avatar can dramatically increase your conversion rate and keep people on your website which decreases your bounce rate, which is now a Google as SEO ranking factor.

“14 Years ago I saw my first “Walkon Video”  from another video company ahead of their time, and they put it on this website www.fitnessbootcampscanada.com. They got a 33% Increase in conversions on their site and started making extra $20,000 a month, according to the article I was reading, because of the video spokeperson.” UPDATE: They still have it up, it was the older video flash techology. So wont work on cell phones and tablets though.”

I finally found a process where I can offer these spokesperson avatars to my clients and now. My guarantee is to make sure that yours looks amazing and has a great strategy to create and increase conversions on your website. 

These Characters & Avatars will appear on the left or right (bottom, or top) of your site, that will WELCOME YOUR VISITORS and GRAB THEIR ATTENTION

  • 22 3D Characters to Choose from
  • 24 Languages in Many Accents
  • Add Call To Action Button
  • Add CountDown Timer
  • Add YouTube Link
  • Integrate Aweber, GetResponce and SendLane 
  • Get Your Visitors Engaged So They Stay Longer On Your Site 
  • Get More Leads And Subscribers 
  • Net More Sales And Increase Profits 
  • The only Video Spokepersons that works on all devices!!!

Your Spokesperson will engage visitors on your page. Avatars interact with each person who clicks via your link. 

Voice Over Options:

  1. Choose from our customized high-quality sythensized voices. see the samples below the avatars
  2. We use trained actors to provide human voice overs.
  3. 24 Multiple languanges available.
  4. Translation service available.
  5. Lip syncing services available.

Below, we provide samples of our 3D video spokesperson avatars without voices. They’ll say whatever you want them to say!

Boy Close Up


Business Man Close Up

Business Man 

Business Man #1 Close Up

Business Man #1  Walks Up

Business Woman Close Up

Business Woman

Cat Man Close Up

Cat Man

Doctor Sitting

Doctor Walking In

Woman #2 Close Up

Woman #2 Sitting

Woman #2 Walking In

Woman #3 Close Up

Woman #3 Sitting

Woman #3 Walks Up

Worker Close Up

Worker Walking In

Old Doctor Close Up

Old Doctor

Highest Quality
Sythentic Voice Overs

Our video spokepersons don’t just look great, but are designed from the ground up to bring more business through your doors.

We offer the highest quality sythentic voices from around the world. Do you need a certain language or dialect? we go your back, let us provide one for you.

Choose from our customized highest quality sythensized voices.

Or, use our trained actors to provide the highest quality human voice overs.

*Translation Service also Available.

Amy – British – Audio Demo

Brian – British – Audio Demo

Emma – British – Audio Demo

Ivy – US – Audio Demo

Joanna – US – Audio Demo

Justin – US – Audio  Demo

Kendra – US – Audio Demo

Kimberly – US – Audio Demo

Nicole – AUS – Audio Demo

Raveena – Indian – Audio Demo

Russell – AUS – Audio Demo

Sally – US – Audio Demo

Australian English Dutch Japanese Swedish
Brazilian Portuguese French Norwegian Turkish
British English German Polish US English
Canadian French Icelandic Portuguese US Spanish
Castilan Spanish Indian English Romanian Welsh
Danish Italian Russian Welsh English