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Facebook Ad Campaign Onboarding

Company Name
What it your storefront address?
What is the customer's maximum distance from your storefront location or target by which state, county, or city?
Ideal prospects age range:
Ideal prospects gender:
What is your starting total monthly facebook ad spend budget?
Which email(s) receive lead notifications?
Once a you get a lead what are the your usual next steps (sales process)?
What are the offers we will run first?
Retail value of the first Offer:
Is there a limited quantity to the offer?
Which offers have you ran and/or seen working in your industry?
Who is not an ideal fit for this product/service?
What are their big desires? And what is their GREATEST wish?
What are the audience frustrations?
What makes this product unique to other products on the market?
Why should they buy this product NOW instead of waiting till later?
Other Important miscellaneous prospect Info? (Relationship status/Books they read)
Is Facebook Business Manager Access Set Up?
I understand how to share the Facebook page access
Links to Testimonials:
Link to image folders

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